Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

It’s probably one of the most elegant and classiest features a home could have and is a material that has a “barely there” look but still serves its functions well. Are you thinking about building a fence around your pool area in Brisbane Gold Coast? Whether indoor or outdoor, deck or no deck, we can help you bring out the class and elegance of your pool area by professionally installing frameless fencing.

We have been in the service for countless Australian homeowners through the years, and have built a huge number of frameless glass pool fencing for numerous clients who are all very impressed with our work. The good thing about having this type of fencing is that it provides the function of the fence—it defines space and the area yet it doesn’t obstruct one’s view of the swimming pool’s surroundings.



Utilising top quality materials and workmanship to create your fencing

The glass we use in building this type of fence is made of the highest quality material. We understand how you may be worrying about the risk of breaking the glass or having it deteriorate through time; however, we can give you the assurance that the material used to build your fence is sturdy, durable and will withstand varying weather conditions that either Gold Coast or Brisbane may face through the years. Since the frameless pool fencing is fully made of glass, it is very easy to clean too. You won’t have to worry about having it repainted or varnished—simply clean the glass regularly with ordinary glass cleaners and you won’t have to worry about any major maintenance issues.

Your swimming pool should be one of the highlights of your home. This is also probably the area where you bond with your family and entertain your friends. Of course, it needs to be very beautiful and well-maintained. This is exactly why you should have frameless pool fencing installed; it adds that perfect touch of elegance without much effort. It’s really just a bonus that a feature such as this will add more value to your property.

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We will help you come up with the perfect design or layout for your particular situation, whether you’re in the Gold Coast or Brisbane. We’ll make sure that our team of experts will be able to complete the job for you in a timely manner. Call us today on 0497 009 989 for assistance with your enquiries and a consultation on our fencing and balustrade services. Frameless glass pool fencing Brisbane.